Single Membership
Annual membership is $90
Biennial membership is $160

Perfect for the business owner or their nominated representative. Membership Renewal is based on anniversary joining date.

Corporate Box Membership
Annual membership is $190

Perfect for businesses where there are three (3) or more females on staff who may wish to either represent their business at WWIBN events or promote online. Your business will be highlighted on our website.

Associate Membership
Annual membership is $50

Associate membership is for non-business owners who would like to join us for events, workshops and to find out where to spend locally! Enjoy learning about their community and opportunities to grow.

Community Contributor /Advertiser Only Membership
Annual membership is $250

Developed for those businesses who simply wish to promote their business within the Network but are not able to attend events. Inclusion in social media posting for Community Contributors.

Outside Wollondilly Membership
Annual membership is $150

Do you operate your business outside Wollondilly? Your membership application must be approved by the WWIBN Executive, as they ensure there is no conflict with Wollondilly based businesses, offering the same goods or services.

Register Today. There are online and offline payment options.
Please note if you wish to pay by cheque, applications will not be actioned until payment is received and cleared.