One Common Vision : WWIBN is not a business, but provides support, inspiration and friendship for our member businesses and community. We consider ourselves, One Big Hearted Community.

WWIBN offers so much to our membership and for each and every member who engages, connects and participates, the rewards are many.

Join us now and become part of this wonderful Network.

WWIBN Connect

Isolation from like-minded women, other businesses, and resources available to larger communities was recognised early on. Meeting professional women, being able to bounce ideas and share stories can be encouraging.

During a worldwide crisis, WWIBN Connect has had a greater impact on maintaining communication with others.

Sense of Community 
We offer a sisterhood, a chance to interact, build friendships and firm connections, somewhere you are encouraged and supported by creative women. We built a community for you to belong to.

Build your Tribe of Brand Ambassadors
Promote and market your business. Here is a chance to share your testimonials, a place to encourage reviews.

Lead generation and marketing is crucial to a growing business, imagine having access to such a large source of potential referrals.

Your Social Engagements
We create the environment and the platforms for you all to learn, engage, grow personally and professionally and expand networks.

  • Coffee Catch-Ups
    Held monthly, mid morning. Timed primarily for the home-based businesses with their flexibility in hours
  • Networking Nights
    Held monthly, early evening. Perfect for the 9.00am - 5.00pm operator to attend
  • Leadership Breakfasts
    Occuring quarterly and early morning. Appears to attract the corporate minded and those seeking inspiration from local leaders
  • Professional Development Workshops
    Promoted to offer educational value

All of these events provide a different focus and have been implemented to foster engagement within a kind, compassionate and authentic WWIBN community.

Marketing opportunities
A larger Network with strength in numbers, ensures we can minimise cost while maximising the exposure.

  • Display your business on WWIBN online member directory
  • Advertise your business on WWIBN social media platforms
  • Become a Sponsor and have prime space on our website (minimal fees apply)
  • United opportunities including Billboards and Newspaper Advertisements
  • Display your brochures and/or promotional material at each event 

This Network has a wealth of knowledge within its walls. Our business women have experienced all types of situations so WWIBN encourages others to share their knowledge.

WWIBN Virtual Marketplace
Visibility is particularly important, especially during a pandemic. So, we created the WWIBN Virtual Marketplace to cater for our product-based businesses in particular.

Wollondilly Women Empowerment Project (WWEP)

Once WWIBN created an environment with platforms for their members to learn, we were further inspired to establish a more permanent, educational designation.   WWEP includes a range of initiatives and training that give back to our local community and its female residents.

It began with the introduction of a ‘Business Start Up’ program and was quickly followed by a ‘Back into the Workforce’ initiative. Run on a bi-annual basis since 2018, these projects have proven highly successful.

The ‘Business Start Up Program’ was developed with the intention to provide a strong foundation for women with a dream of owning their own competitive business. While the ‘Back into the Workforce’ initiative was created to cater for those women who have been absent from full time employment and trying to secure a job. The process can be daunting for some, depending on their length of time away and often the reasons for their absence. There are so many challenges to be overcome including confidence and self esteem in many cases. The courses cater for these aspects as well as providing a development framework for required skills needed to move forward. 

Born from Wollondilly’s 2017-2020 challenges of flood, drought, bushfires and Covid-19, we have been working on a program called ‘Back to Business’.  This is designed for struggling business owners by assisting with resources, tips in social media, virtual connection and a lot more.

In the creation stage, is our ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ Program. WWIBN is reaching out to Wollondilly’s energetic and driven youth who are inspired to start their own businesses. The youth often require a little more than advice and support, so we look to include additional strategies and mentorship. We have a designated Executive member appointed solely to focus on engagement with our aspiring young females.

The last of our programs being developed is for those borne to ‘Leadership’ positions. We hope to offer this course to a select few in the form of a highly coveted Scholarship format. Dependent on funding but we do hope to include this opportunity on a permanent basis in time.

WWIBN Collaboration with other Organisations

  • Business Enterprise Centre (BEC)
  • Precedent Productions - Wollondilly Local Business Awards
  • State and Federal Government representatives
  • Rotary Club of Picton
  • The Dona Faith Alliance
  • Warragamba & Silverdale Neighbourhood Centre
  • Wollondilly Shire Council (Some of our members were nominated as Guest Presenters at the WSC Young Women in Business 2019 Event)

General Benefits

  • A discounted price for all events
  • Notification of business events
  • Present as a Speaker


Join us now and become part of this wonderful network.