Leanne’s Little Cakery

I have been a member of WWIB for 12 months now – what an amazing group of women! Everyone has been so supportive.
I can’t deny that the comradery from like-minded professionals and small business owners is invaluable for those working alone, or from home, I look forward to our monthly catch-ups, a piece of cake and a cuppa, and a good laugh.
Its amazing the wealth of knowledge and experience that exists amongst this group. I’m completely comfortable referring any of my clients to any of these small businesses and their members.

- Leanne McGrath

United Harmony

Embraces my lifelong passion of helping others to find the calm amongst the storm and the power within.
But sometimes being a sole trader requires a little more self-discipline and motivation. I have found myself procrastinating more than ever before. This is where I have found the network to be a great help.
There is always someone who you can turn to, to bounce ideas off. Also, I love the support. With what is happening at the moment so much has changed, especially the way so many businesses have to run. If you find yourself procrastinating like me or a little stuck reach out. Ignite your passion.

- Valerie Meyers

Coutts Solicitors & Conveyancers

Coutts was so pleased to be a major sponsor of the WWEA 2020 last night. We are delighted to be able to support the local woman of Wollondilly. Luisa, Karena and Adriana has a fantastic evening. Congratulations to all the nominees, finalists and winners!”

- Adriane Care

Ruby Road Property Styling

My first exposure to the Network was through signing up for the Start-Up Business mentoring. I decided to join because I thought any network that helps women start a business or help women get back into the workforce is something I'd like to be a part of. As a new business I thought it would be a good way to gain exposure, to help sell my business and even though that has been the case what I've found has been a whole lot more...I've found friendship, advice, support, opportunity, fun, laughter, challenge and hope...I no longer feel like I'm in this on my own, I have a community ☺️

- Amanda Dennis

JJ Performance Smash Repairs

Being part of a Women's Network takes away the feeling of isolation working in a family business, sometimes being very time poor and not having a lot of opportunity to get out to meet people. Meeting like-minded women, being able to bounce ideas and share my stories.
For me bringing women together with a heart to be kind, helpful and encouraging others around them is a dream. One that personally fulfills me.

- Michelle Legg

Sabina’s Body Mind Connections

I love that this network is my tribe and my cheerleaders! I also can reach out for support when needed. Also, like that being a part of this group does not restrict me from being involved in other networks and business groups

The Knowingness that support is available without the feeling of being isolated.

- Sabina Ivankovic

TKR Consulting

I love being a part of a network. I have been lucky enough to grow my business quite significantly through being a part of WWIB but more importantly I have made so many friends and the constant support that is so graciously given by so many women is amazing. You only get out of it what you put in and for me that has definitely been the case. Joining WWIB was the best decision I have made, I am proud to be a part of this network!

- Kirsti Reynolds

Women power

I am so inspired by the Wollondilly women in business so much women support on hand help just so much inspiration. Women power.

- Joan Mansfield

JSB Property Group

People who participate and invest themselves will tend to find confidence, strength and friendship within a community of like-minded individuals. We have a mix of all types of personalities and characters within the network, it is a splice of real life just in a concentrated space lol.
The executive are smart, hardworking and dedicated to represent their members as best they can; in essence they are champions for the cause, that of the Wollondilly business woman.
WWIBN offers the obvious – the opportunity to network with other business women, to garner support and even referral work, further training and business growth. But it also offers the less obvious if you invest yourself; friendship, connection and even personal growth.
So, whatever your current need is or future potential, I believe being a member of WWIBN could suit anyone!

- Brooke Hilton

Your PA and More

I joined the WWIBN to meet people shortly after arriving as a new resident in the Wollondilly – and in time for the 2nd meeting. I cannot imagine ever meeting so many wonderful women without this network, making such great and supportive friends and becoming involved so hugely. And being part of the network has also brought me extra business, which is an added bonus!

- Fern Rice

Calm Hypnosis

I just felt inspired to write this...On Saturday evening at The awards, I looked around the room and felt this enormous sense of pride...So proud of being a founder member of WWIB. So proud of all of you wonderful ladies and your quest to be "ladies" caring, kind, wonderful ladies who not only work with passion but have families and homes to care for as well. To be there for one another to Inspire, support and encourage your associates. To my friends that I have made within the network I want to put my arms around you all and say I love you and you have so enriched my life with your friendship and care.. The cheers when my name was called out was the highlight of my night....Thank you.... .

- Christina Blake