Established in 2015 as a not for profit organisation, the Wollondilly Women in Business network (WWIB) became the first group to cater to the local Wollondilly professional and/or business woman.

The Wollondilly Shire is a geographically large regional area with widely spread, smaller population clusters. There are a high proportion of sole operators with micro businesses, many family-owned and operated, and home-based, with few shop fronts and professional services, and very few corporate organisations. Our Founder & President, Michelle Legg, summarises it succinctly, “our business community is so diverse, hitting the target market is like trying to throw a dart at a moving bullseye”.

Wollondilly is unique compared to metropolitan areas and larger towns because of these demographics, and as such tends to suffer the harsh effects of both natural and economic disasters earlier than other regions - and takes longer to recover. So a business network is especially relevant .

WWIB was founded with the desire to provide assistance to those women within the Wollondilly Local Government Area (LGA) who found themselves isolated and separate from many of the support services so readily available within the Greater Sydney Region. This diverse range of professional females united with purpose to provide support, encouragement and inspiration to one another.

Our ranks grew further when local women outside of business expressed their desire to join our sisterhood, to spend locally and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of women in our community.

We created a range of opportunities for our members to promote their businesses while building firm, personal connections.  These were delivered in a selection of events specifically designed to suit diverse schedules, interests and priorities. See Membership Benefits to see all the events on offer.

Our Projects & Initiatives
WWIB encourages others to share their knowledge, insight and provide mentorship. With this in mind, we established a more permanent educational designation, called the ‘Wollondilly Empowerment Project’. It includes a range of initiatives and training that give back to the local community and its female residents. These include the Business Start Ups, Back to the Workforce, Back to Business and Leadership programs. The Wollondilly Empowerment Project is our way of giving back and opening our heart to our local Wollondilly community.
Celebrating Successes
WWIB knew that mere education and networking opportunities were not enough to build camaraderie. So, we injected excitement around our vision by celebrating our successes. Our spectacular Annual Event and the Wollondilly Women in Excellence Awards (WWIEA) enhance our value as a network to not only its members but our community at large.

Giving Back
Our past events have raised money that we donated back to our local community via a chosen charity or organisation. Previous beneficiaries include Caring for Wollondilly, Our Community Pantry, Dilly Drought Drive, WACCares and WIRES Wollondilly.

We rose to a New Challenge
In the unprecedented climate of the Covid-19 pandemic, WWIB conceived virtual programs for our financial members to keep in touch, seek advice and support from other businesses attempting to navigate the same economic terrain.     

Join Us!
The Wollondilly Women in Business network is the fastest and largest business group in the Wollondilly Shire today. So, join us, participate, be active, engage and success can be yours!